The numerology practiced by ancient Indian Hindus had gone to Chaldeans who preserved this science for ages together. In Indian Numerology, there are 10 numbers (or digits) starting from 0 to 9 which constitute all the other numbers. These numbers are basis for Mathematics. Since every number has got its own sound and frequency, the numbers found in the birth date of a person will greatly influence the life of the person. Also, when the person's name is decoded using these number frequencies, we will have better understanding of the person's nature and future.

In Indian Vedic Numerology, the numbers are associated with planets of our solar system. The reason is that each planet emits energy with certain frequency. This frequency may be matching to the frequency of a particular number. For example, the planets in our solar system are rotating around Sun. So, Sun controls other planets. Hence, Sun represents authority. In Numerology, number 1 is the first number and after that only, the other numbers are emerged. In this way, 1 has its own importance over other numbers. Hence Sun is linked with the number 1.

Significance of numbers from 1 to 9

Number 1 represents the planet Sun. It indicates beginning, originality, innovative nature, authority and ambition. We find most of the number 1 people occupying Government jobs or working as top managers in the Private companies. They are good observers and they can start and finish any project successfully. They want others to be under their control. They are definite in their views and sometimes very obstinate. Some of these people show interest in politics, fine arts and speculation.

Number 2 represents the planet Moon. It indicates imagination, romantic and artistic nature. Number 2 indicates dual nature. People born under 2 cannot take decisions due to their vacillating mind. Their moods will change more often. Most of these people will involve into some romantic attachment during their youth. They like good food and hence they become better cooks. Children are attracted to number 2 people easily because of their motherly affection. We can see many musicians, writers, poets, cooks and restaurant owners coming under this number.

Number 3 indicates the planet Jupiter. Number 3 people are leaders and administrators. Hence we see them in all departments where managing the people is involved. They give orders to others. Also they obey orders. They cannot imagine themselves in subordinate positions. Hence they reach to the top position in their profession. Most of them will have philosophical mind. We see many politicians, ministers, judges, ambassadors, spiritual leaders, teachers and top business men coming under number 3.

Number 4 indicates the planet Rahu. People who were born under number 4 will have originality, eccentric thinking and rebellious nature. This is the reason they will make enemies easily. They rebel against the rules and try to reconstruct new systems useful to the society. They will put more hard work and earn less money. They are generally not successful at worldly matters. Their love affairs tend to break. Engineers, contractors, industrialists, scientists, social workers and people who study Astrology, Palmistry, Yoga and meditation are generally born under 4.

Number 5 represents the planet Mercury. These people are quick in thought and decisions. Sometimes they perform actions without thinking adequately. They can express their feelings fluently. Hence, they make good orators or lecturers. They have good business abilities. They have good diplomacy. They have elasticity of mind and hence they can tune their mind easily to new surroundings. These people should avoid mental tensions and irritations. We see many teachers, speakers, writers, journalists, lawyers, accountants, sales men and business people born under the number 5.

Number 6 represents the planet Venus. People born under number 6 will have magnetic attraction. They attract others and hence fall in love affairs very easily. They like luxurious life. They crave for pleasures. They want good food and drinks, trendy dresses, well decorated home, rich and royal life. They like to participate in group activities and thus make friendships easily. Money comes to them very easily. We see several artists and business people in this number 6. We see many jewellers, cinema artists, music composers, architects and fashion designers born under 6.

Number 7 indicates planet Kethu. People born under this number do not crave for money. They are independent and original with some spiritual interest. Their mind will change very rapidly and hence their decisions will also change. They like to travel long distances and hence many of them go abroad. These people generally have remarkable dreams. They have great interest in occultism or religion. Hence, some of them practice clairvoyance, mantras and tantras. We see number 7 people in the fields of exports and imports, navy merchants, ship owners, dairy and water related businesses, fisheries, doctors and nurses.

Number 8 governs the planet Saturn. People born under 8 are serious minded and disciplined. They feel alone at heart. They do not share their feelings openly with others. They will have very few friends. In religion, they go to extremes and become too much sentimental. Either they see great success in their life or great failures. Nothing comes to them easily. They have to work hard to earn less. Most of the number 8 people will have some sort of suffering like ill health or delay in marriage or getting a stable job. We see many 8 people in the fields of mathematics, science, research work where patience is required, coal, oil and iron mines, and agriculture.

Number 9 governs the planet Mars. People born under 9 are impulsive, aggressive and independent. They have great courage and hence they make good soldiers or police people. Some of them will have danger from the enemies. Also, they are prone to vehicular accidents and fire accidents. They will rarely escape from surgeries. Most of them will have quarrels in their home life. They feel life is a battle field and hence they should continue to fight. Thus they will make many enemies. Number 9 people are suitable for army and police, engineers and mechanics, people work with iron and fire, chemicals, sports people, and surgeons.