The Numerology followed in most of the Western countries like USA is from Pythagoras, the ancient Greek philosopher, musician and mathematician. Numerology takes into consideration the birth date of the person along with his name. In Pythagoras system, more focus is laid on the name of the person than the birth date.

Pythagoras associated each letter or alphabet to a particular digit depending on the link in the sounds. When we utter 'a', we are opening our mouth and producing this sound with open configuration of our vocal tract. So, this 'a' sound represents beginning of all sounds. Most of the pure languages like Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil, English, Arabic, etc. start their alphabets with 'a' sound. This is the starting sound in producing the ultimate sacred sound 'Om' with which this entire Universe resonates. Hence, 'a' indicates the beginning and the life force. This is linked with the digit '1' which represents the beginning, the soul strength and the creation. In this way, all the alphabets from A to Z are linked to digits from 1 to 9.

The name of a person contains a mixture of several sounds which can be represented using several digits. The final sound can be reached by combining the digits in the name. The internal sounds and the final sound in the name will affect the psychology of the person. Thus a good name creates positive vibrations and a bad name gives negative vibrations. These vibrations work on the psychology of the person and influence his destiny. Nameology is a science that deals with the sounds in our name and how they modify our fate.

The following are the digits allotted to alphabets in Pythagoras Numerology system:

A,J,S 1
B,K,T 2
C,L,U 3
D,M,V 4
E,N,W 5
F,O,X 6
G,P,Y 7
H,Q,Z 8
I,R 9

Barack Obama, the President of USA

Let us understand the Pythagoras Nameology with the help of a couple of examples. The original name of the present American President (in 2016) is Barry Soetoro which he changed as Barack Hussein Obama. All most all people call him Barack Obama. Hence this name will be effective. We should remember that the name which is mostly used by us and called by others is the name that shows maximum influence on our life.

First of all, we will calculate the numbers involved with the name Barry Soetoro. The birth date of Barry Soetoro is August 4th, 1961. So, his birth numbers will be:

His birth single number = total of birth date = 4.
His birth compound number = total of birth date, month and year = 4+8+1+9+6+1 = 20 = 2.

His name numbers will be as shown below:

Barry = 2+1+9+9+7 = 28.
Soetoro = 1+6+5+2+6+9+6 = 35.
The total number of Barry Soetoro is 28+35 = 63.
The total number of letters in the name = 12.

So, Barry Soetoro has numbers 4, 2, 63 and 12. The number 4 represents hardships. The number 2 indicates emotional imbalance. The number 63 indicates failures and aloofness. Moreover, 63 = 6+3 = 9 is not a friendly number for 4 and 2. The number 12 indicates reversals in life. With this combination of numbers, he can never become the President of America.

Now, let us examine the numbers in his changed name, Barack Obama.

Barack = 2+1+9+1+3+2 = 18.
Obama = 6+2+1+4+1 = 14.
The total number of the above name is 18+ 14 = 32.
The total number of letters in this name = 11.

So, the name Barack Obama contains numbers 4, 2, 32 and 11. The number 32 gives excellent communication, execution skill and wealth. Further, 32 = 3+2= 5 is a friendly number to 4 and 11. When 5 is paired with 4, it gives huge success in a field dealing with public, maybe it is business or politics. The number 11 is called 'master number' that denotes reaching to the top of a chosen field.

PV Sindhu, Olympics silver medal winner

PV Sindhu, who got silver medal for India in badminton during Olympic Games held in Rio during 2016 was born on July 5th 1995. Let us see her birth numbers and name numbers according to Pythagoras Nameology system.

Her birth single number = 5.
Her birth compound number = 7+5+1+9+9+5 = 36 = 9.
PV Sindhu = 7+4+1+9+5+4+8+3 = 41.
Total number of letters in this name = 8.

In case of PV Sindhu, the numbers are: 5, 9, 41 and 8. The combination of numbers 5 and 9 indicates aggressive sports person. The number 41 is the best number which gives name, popularity and wealth. We generally see this number in case of many popular ministers. This number gave her Arjuna Award in 2013, Padma Shri in 2015 and Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna in 2016. The number 8 indicates success only after hardwork. The number 41=5 is an enemy number for her birth compound number 9. This combination threw hurdle in her final winning. She could have got gold medal, easily. But she had to satisfy only with a silver medal in the Olympics.