The system of Western Numerology was developed by Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher and mathematician. Pythagoras did a life time research on the sounds (for example mantras) and their effects on the lives of the human beings. He started his own school where he used to give a unique mantra to each of his disciples which should be kept secret by the disciple.

Pythagoras also analyzed the sound frequencies of each of the numbers and associated each number with certain traits. In Indian Vedic Numerology, the numbers are linked with planets. But, in Pythagoras Numerology, there is no such connection.

Meanings of numbers from 1 to 9

In Pythagoras system, the number 1 represents leader. People who are born with this number will have enough determination and strong will. They will also have creative nature and visualize new projects. They demand respect from others. They like to dominate others. They want to occupy authoritative positions where a lot of responsibilities are to be shouldered. However, they need good culture, education and refinement. Sometimes, pride and overconfidence will ruin their image.

The number 2 people want peace and harmony. They are sensitive and a bit shy. Sometimes, their talents cannot come into spotlight because of their too much sensitive nature. They are easily hurt by others. They are highly cooperative with others. Most of them like music or some form of art. These people will also have very good diplomatic skills and convince the other parties in a friendly manner. They need security and comfort. They also have good taste for food and home articles. Their mood will change very often. Most of them lack discipline.

The number 3 represents people with good creativity and self expression. Hence, they make teachers, actors, writers, and poets. These people are optimistic and friendly. They easily mix in the society and inspire other people. They want beautiful surroundings. They are good talkers. They love children and pet animals. They succeed well in business and higher education. Most of them lack patience and concentration which must be developed.

The number 4 people are practical and down-to-earth. They have strong ideas about what is right and wrong. They want to earn anything not by luck but by hard work. They never trust in get rich quick schemes. They need proof for everything. They will become foundation for big projects. They maintain high discipline for themselves and expect the same from others. Some of them will have a narrow view point on several issues. Most of these people are found in banking, accounting, management, building, agriculture, science and legal fields.

The number 5 indicates freedom. Hence number 5 people love travel, adventure, change and novelty. Generally, they have skill in various subjects. Hence, sometimes we see lack of discipline and lack of concentration in them. They dislike old customs and want to follow their own ideas. Their changing nature will become a mystery to others. They are easily attracted to opposite sex. They find it difficult to continue with only one relationship. They should avoid speculation and gambling.

The number 6 represents kindness and service. These people will do good service to others. They need love from others and as such, they like home environment. They will make good parents, teachers or professional consultants. They maintain harmony in the family circles and friends. They have good talent for business. They want to take responsibility and sometimes sacrifice their life for uplifting the lives of others. They have talent in music and action. They should guard against a tendency to be argumentative and stubborn.

The number 7 people want perfection in all things. They dislike manual labour and want to work with mind. They love nature, plants, birds and animals. They investigate the mysteries of life and hence they will slowly turn into spiritual persons. We find them mostly among scientists, researchers and occult people. Number 7 people want to work alone. They do not mix with others easily. This will lead to troubled marriage. They do not accept suggestions from others thinking that they are correct. They cannot become popular in the society because they are not understood by others properly. They should mix with others while keeping their ideas hidden.

The number 8 people are good managers. They want to be the heads of the departments. They understand the material world and hence they accumulate money. Some of them will face financial ups and downs when they show negligence about their earnings. They have enough patience and analytical mind. They are affectionate but they cannot demonstrate their love to others. They always focus on long term goals. We find many 8 people in Government sector, business, finance, real estate, law and physics. They should avoid becoming stubborn, dominating, and arrogant.

Number 9 represents philanthropic and humanitarian. These people want to help the humanity on a larger scale. They are sympathetic and emotional. They love to travel larger distances. They are generally attracted to and loved by others. Money comes to them through mysterious ways for example through inheritance. These people are ready to sacrifice anything for larger goals. They do not expect anything in return. We see many lawyers, judges, interior decorators, and ministers are common in number 9. They should avoid becoming aloof, selfish, and timid.

Master numbers 11 and 22

Apart from 1 to 9, the Pythagoras system contains two more numbers 11 and 22 which are called master numbers.

The master number 11 represents inspiration. People who are born under 11 will inspire others with their intuition. Their first impressions are usually correct. They are visionaries. They are interested in spiritual knowledge. They are highly sensitive and refined. They like to work with larger groups. They are prone to mental worries, frustration and depression.

The master number 22 represents people who work constructively for the welfare of others. They have plans and implement them practically. Hence, they will become popular nationally and internationally. They are good at business and politics. They establish and guide large organizations. Most of them are philosophical but they have revolutionary thoughts.